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Spend Next Summer in a Vacation Rental Home With Your Family

When the busy school year comes to an end, and schedules free up, the family could use some time away to rest and relax. Summer vacation is a great time to get away for awhile, and enjoy time together as a family. Summer vacation rentals are the perfect solution for your family vacation. Summer vacation […]

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Replacement Sunglass Lenses Can Be Cut to Fit Any Frames

Sunglass lens replacement is a great choice for people who have scratched, broken, or otherwise damaged sunglass lenses. Not only do they save you from having to buy a brand new pair of sunglasses, but they are good for the environment since you do not have to throw and otherwise perfectly good pair of sunglasses […]

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Why You Need to Make Sure Your Kid Wears Sunglasses

We all know that the sun does damage. Harmful ultra violet rays shoot down from the skies unseen and do irreparable damage to our unsuspecting skin. The sun burns our skin, can cause cancer, and eventually can make us look much older than we really are, but the sun and its rays can also do […]

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Tell That Girl to Get Replacement Sunglass Lenses

One of the quintessential summer songs — the Eagles’ “Boys of Summer” — is, as many songs are, about a girl. One can picture her vividly on the beach, her skin a deeply tanned hue of brown glistening in the summer sun, her hair combed back in a pleasing way that accentuates her features. And […]

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Traveling Soon? Try Using an Airport Shuttle Service for Your Business Trip

Americans take at least 405 million long distance business trips each year, but only 62% of those people enjoy their business-related travel. While being away from home can be a difficult experience, it doesn’t have to be if you make the right travel preparations. One way that you can reduce the amount of frustration on […]

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Opt for Polarized Replacement Lenses

Sunglasses can be pretty expensive. The most expensive sunglasses on eBay carried the hefty price of $250,000. Why? They are Elvis Presley’s personal Madison Square Garden sunglasses. The sunglasses we generally buy aren’t quite so expensive, but they can be pretty pricey. Designer sunglasses can be hard on the wallet, but we still buy them […]

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Why Your Sunglasses Need to Have Polarized Lenses

Sunglasses have been around for a long time. They were first used as early as the 12th century, but were finally made popular in the United States in the 1930s. Of course these sunglasses served a purpose, namely to shield the eyes from bright lights, but it wasn’t until they became polarized in 1936 that […]

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Family Camping and Why it Matters

With summer well underway, groups of families and friends across the country are probably searching for places to explore and vacation in outside the stresses of work and real life. One of the most accessible and most popular ways to achieve this is through camping. No matter where you live or where you travel, there […]

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Don’t Throw Out Those Scratched Sunglasses

When Roman emperor Nero wasn’t fiddling while Rome was burning, it is said that he enjoyed watching gladiator fights through gems to manipulate the color and distortion of what he was seeing. This perhaps early form of sunglasses is a little different from the way we use them today. We use sunglasses to make fashion […]

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Looking for a Great Vacation Spot? Consider Beaches in Hawaii

Are you looking for a great place to vacation with your family this summer? You may want to peruse the maps of Hawaii–the most recently admitted American state–to find some of the best beaches in Oahu or the best beaches in Maui. In Maui, there several different options for those looking for amazing outdoor activities […]