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Three Things You Can Afford to Leave Behind When Your Family Goes RV Camping

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Going camping with your family in an RV is one of the best ways to spend some quality time around each other without the distraction of modern-day technologies.

But while you’re packing for your upcoming trip, it can be tempting to bring along every single item you can think of; your RV is a moving house, after all. But by packing too much, you add unnecessary time, effort and lose space within your ultimately pretty confined vehicle.

Whether you and your family are first-time visitors to RV camping sites or you regularly take family camping trips in the RV, it’s crucial to pack lightly. To avoid over-packing on your next RV excursion, here are three luxuries and indulgences you and your family can, and should, leave at home:

Extra storage

You’ve likely seen them tacked onto RVs you pass on the highway — auxiliary storage containers like rooftop storage pods, auxiliary trailers, and hitch-mounted storage bins. While these containers are fine in terms of their design and functionality, you probably don’t really need all that extra storage. In most cases, the extra storage just encourages you and your family to pack way more than you need in an effort to make use of the space. Help out your RV’s fuel-efficiency and aerodynamics by skipping these containers.


The firewood you see for sale when you first enter your campground might seem overpriced, leading you to believe it’s better to just bring some of your own firewood supply from home. However, bringing along firewood in your RV can damage your storage areas with dirty, wet splinters. For a $5 savings, it’s better to just purchase firewood when you get to your campsite.

Your job

Thinking about bringing along your briefcase or work laptop to get some extra work done during your family’s downtime? Don’t! Your family’s camping trip is meant to be an escape from your job, not an excuse to do more work. Besides, it’s unlikely you’ll find free WiFi at RV camping sites anyway.

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