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Three Undeniable Reasons Why People Love to Go Cabin Camping

Cabins in tennessee

Cabins in tennessee

If American families love one pastime above all others, it might just be camping. In 2013, Americans and their families spent an incredible 516.6 million days in the great outdoors, enjoying a huge variety of activities and getting a little more in touch with nature.

And going camping in tents has long been the preferred form of lodging; about 86% of campers surveyed regularly go tent camping.

But as camping becomes increasingly popular, campers have an increasingly diverse array of options for going camping. One form of camping that’s quickly gaining in popularity? Cabin camping, which is enjoyed by approximately 33% of campers. Staying in a cabin might just be the perfect accommodation for you and your family on your next trip!

Why make the switch from a traditional tent to a camping cabin? Here’s a look at just three of the many reasons why many American feelings are turning to cabin camping as one of their favorite pastimes:

No more sleeping on the ground

Camping in a tent means you’ll only have a sleeping bag between yourself and the hard, unforgiving ground. Many people enjoy this feeling, but some — especially older adults — are unable to get a good night’s sleep when sleeping on the ground. Cabins offer sturdy, supportive beds that will let you get the rest you need to take on the next day’s activities.

Protection from the elements

While it’s never ideal, unexpected downpours happen all the time. And if you don’t want to get soaked during your next trip, you should consider a cabin. You’ll be able to stay warm and dry as you wait for the weather to pass.

Stay plugged in while enjoying the outdoors

Did you know that the top-requested amenity at campsites today is free WiFi? As more campers want to be able to use their smartphones to share photos and updates on social media in real-time, more campsites are providing services like WiFi and electric outlets in cabins. When you stay in a cabin, your family will be able to charge up your devices and stay plugged in.

How does your family prefer to spend its family camping adventures? Have any other questions for us? Let us know in the comments below.