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The World of the Bumblebee

When you think of the most extraordinary creature on the planet, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most would say a giraffe or a tiger, but many would argue that it is the humble bumblebee. Bumblebees are some of the most hardworking and complicated creatures on the planet, building intricate hives and communicating in coded dances with one another. Before you immediately call up your bumble bee removal experts, make sure that they can do a removal and relocation of your infestation. Bees are important, and their hives can be removed safely without the harming of the little fuzzy bugs.

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To illustrate just how awesome bees are, this video shares some fun facts about the bumbling bees in your backyard.

The common bumblebee is one of the most social beings on the entire planet, coming together to form big colonies of workers for a queen bee. The typical bumblebee is between half an inch to an inch long, and they may travel up to a mile away in order to find a reliable source of food for their hive. As they build their waxy masterpieces, they protect the eggs of the queen and work to make delicious honey.