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Pushing Beyond the Stereotypical Vacation


Vacations are for escaping the confines of your ever day life. Vacations give us the opportunity to imagine ourselves, even if only for a week, in an entirely new setting. Far too many people waste their vacations away beside a pool in cancun that might not be any different than a pool located in their own community. Challenge yourself to truly get out there on your next vacation.
Travel to Peru
30% of United States citizens have a passport – a ticket more than 180 countries worldwide. However, 50% of international trips go straight to Canada or Mexico. When people travel to Peru, they get the most beautiful sites for the lowest prices. Machu Picchu is perhaps the most frequent destination for travelers. However, the Peruvian mountains have so much more to offer. Lima, Peru also offers a rich culture a very inexpensive price.
Travel to Brazil
Brazil is thought by many to be a real emerging nation. You can go there to enjoy sports, like soccer, or to partake in their world class cuisine. Brazil is known to have some of the best quality beef in the world.
Take a Risk and Delight in the Reward
The average per-person travel spend in South America is around $870. Whether you choose Peru, Brazil, or one of the beautiful neighboring countries, you are sure to get a more unique experience than an all inclusive place in Mexico. Dazzle your friends with photos of a majestic hike. Fall in love with your spouse all over again. Show your kids there is beauty outside of an iPod screening with a trip to South America.