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5 Family Fun Games to Play Around the Campfire

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With 40 million people reported camping in 2010, it’s safe to say that camping is one of America’s most beloved past-times. And what’s not to love, camping is an extremely versatile family activity that you can do anywhere, and in any kind of way. Whether your adventure consists of cabin camping, roughing it in the woods, or on a public campground site, there’s endless family camping fun to be had.
One of the trademark camping activities is stoking a beautiful, roaring campfire, and sitting around the fire with family and loved ones, singing songs and roasting marshmallows until they’re molten and gooey. But that’s not all you can do around a campfire. These 5 round-the-campfire hits will be a surefire way to guarantee optimal family camping fun.

Name Fame
Choose a name, like “Will” or “Julia”. Then, going turn by turn around the campfire, each person has to name a famous individual or celebrity that has the name in question. This game is excellent for those with teenagers, but can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike.

Mosquito Tag
Before leaving for your trip, acquire red dot stickers from your local dollar store or office supply store. In the beginning of the evening, give your everyone a few red dot stickers. Throughout the course of the night, the goal is for everyone to get rid of their “mosquito bites”, and secretly stick them on other people. If the person is caught, they get ‘bitten’ themselves. The person with the least amount of “bites” at the end of the night wins!

Wink Killer
To begin the game, one person is chosen to walk away from the campfire, out of eyesight. Meanwhile, those around the campfire must quietly pick a “killer” of the group. When the missing person returns, the games begin. The killer must wink at the other campfire members, effectively “killing” them without the one who doesn’t know who the killer is figuring it out!

Build Your Own Story
The first person will say once sentence that begins the story. Then ass you go around the fire, each person adds a sentence, weaving a unique and brand new tale. This game is as fun as it is imaginative, and you’ll get some wacky stories out of it!

The first person will think of a silly and confusing sentence (the more alliterations the better) and whisper it into the person next to them’s ear. This will continue until you get to the last person. Then they’ll say the final sentence out loud. The results are often hilarious and quite different from the original sentence. This family favorite will have everyone giggling.

With these 5 campfire games, it’s guaranteed that your next camping trip will be full of family camping fun!