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5 Crucial Things To Look For Before Booking Corporate Housing

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Although they might show up on the same Google searches, corporate housing and extended stay motels offer two very different services. Because while extended stay motels around the country have earned an unfortunate reputation for attracting not-so-skilled meth cooking visitors, corporate housing providers cater to luxury travelers and business clientele.

Unfortunately, that won’t stop sketchy, extended stay hotels from advertising themselves as “corporate housing providers” online. Since both provide short term rentals in furnished suites, how can you spot the difference before booking a stay? Here are five qualities that set VIP corporate housing apart from the rest…

1. Fortune 500 Companies Rely On Temporary Corporate Housing

One in three people who book furnished apartments through corporate housing providers do so while relocating for work. In fact, some companies will refer new employees to corporate housing providers to ensure they have a quality place to stay while transitioning into their new role.

2. Corporate Housing Provides Luxury Amenities

While extended stay motels advertise the cheapest prices available, corporate housing providers advertise the latest appliances, style, and amenities they offer, like concierge services or fitness centers.

3. Definitely NOT Your Average Hotel Room

All hotel rooms are carefully designed to feel familiar. That’s why every hotel room looks (and smells) exactly like every other. But corporate housing provides a more stylish abode for business travelers. They’re designed to look like an apartment, loft, or condo owned by a hip, young professional, not a stereotypical hotel room.

4. Location, Location, Location

Because the majority of renters booking furnished rentals with corporate housing providers do so for business, temporary corporate housing units are usually located either in the heart of a city’s business district, or in an up-and-coming neighborhood where visitors would feel comfortable arranging meetings.

In addition to those relocating, businessmen and women working on long term projects often book short term rentals with corporate housing providers for the duration of their stay. No matter why they book an apartment, the visitor needs to feel comfortable holding meetings there.

5. The Reviews

Corporate housing does have one thing in common with ordinary hotel rooms — you should check the reviews before you stay. If an extended stay hotel is trying to pass itself off as an elite corporate housing provider, then you’ll likely find disgruntled customers venting their frustration online.

If you don’t want to end up posting one of those reviews yourself, then do your research and look for these five signs you’re always booking with the right corporate housing providers.