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Tips for a Smooth Family Vacation

Tips for a Smooth Family Vacation

For families with small or multiple children planning a family vacation can be taxing. There are so many things to consider to make sure everyone has a good time and everyone involved actually feels like they took a vacation, not just the children.

Drive Instead of Fly

There are plenty of places in California you can getaway too that will make you feel like you escaped to another country. If you have small children, the stress of flying can suck the fun right out the vacation. Driving allows you to plan around the children’s nap time or better curate travel entertainment. It also doesn’t matter as much if the baby cries the whole way since you don’t have to worry about disturbing strangers.

Pick Your Lodging Options Wisely

Mendocino is one of the places many choose to enjoy their family vacations. They offer a wide array of hotels and inns to choose from to accommodate any situation. If you are looking for a pampering getaway, they offer luxury hotels where the family can park in a hotel room and have room service cater to their every need. FInally giving mom the break she deserves.

There are also cottage rentals available that offer cottages with private yards. A cottage with private yard would allow the children to run around and play outside while the adults relax indoors. There are also pet friendly cottages in case the vacation even includes the fur babies.

Choose Activities Carefully

Are you planning an activity-filled time or do you just need to relax and get away from everyday life? While you may want to go on grand tours and see all the sites, if you have small children, plan carefully. Think about when they will need to nap, eat and play. This is another time to consider where you will stay. A hotel might be nice you if are a small family. However, if you are a larger family, a rental cottage with private yard and pool will offer more space and another activity option.

Overall think about what your family can handle. Vacations are supposed to help to rejuvenate the family. Be realistic about what everyone needs and what’s going to be the most fun for the entire group.