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Consider a Destination Wedding in Mendocino, CA

Planning a wedding can be a daunting undertaking. It is a task people usually approach with a combination of joy and dread. There are so many things to take into account when wedding planning, one of the most important is the location. Many people quickly become overwhelmed when looking at places for a wedding in their home town. Some couples find it easier to choose a destination wedding.

Destination weddings are nice for a number of reasons. If the bride or groom has a large family, having a destination wedding makes it easier to exclude some of the periphery family members that would want to be at home based wedding. For the family members that will attend the wedding, they can also have the benefit of a vacation. Being in vacation mode means the guests will be in a much more relaxed and romantic mood, which means they will have a more enjoyable time at the wedding.

While many people think of destination weddings as foreign, exotic places, there are places within our U.S. borders that are beautiful and make for a stunning wedding backdrop. Many areas of California offer scenic and charming luxury hotels that make the perfect wedding venue. Many hotels also offer suites for use on the big day or for the wedding party’s extended stay. Suites will also come in handy if family members want to room together or have with children that cannot have a room to themselves.

Mendocino, California is a great place to have a destination wedding. Many Mendocino wedding venues offer exquisite outdoor wedding reception areas where everyone can enjoy the scenic skyline and ocean. Mendocino also boasts a wide variety of lodging options including suites, hotels and inns where all of the family’s needs will be met.

Another hidden benefit of choosing a domestic destination is that the bride and grooms have an excuse to leave the family behind for a foreign honeymoon. Many couples complain that one of the drawbacks of their destination wedding was that they ended up running into family members that stayed for vacation during their honeymoon. If a couple chooses a domestic destination for the wedding, everyone will understand the couple’s desire to visit a more tropical location for their honeymoon.

Overall destination weddings are amazing. The couple, wedding party, and attendees will more than likely enjoy the opportunity to get away from home and celebrate. While destination used to mean someplace far and foreign, many couples of choosing locations a little bit closer to home. It reduces stress, allows everyone to see a part of the US they may not have, and gives the couple room to go on their honeymoon somewhere else. Overall, domestic destination weddings are a win for everyone.