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The Popularity of Camping

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If it seems as if your local campgrounds are always full, you are correct. Family camping, in tents and in both RVs and cabins has seen a surge in popularity. In fact, in one year, the number of people who went camping increased by over 2.5 million people. In 2010, more than 40 million people took a family camping trip to the local campgrounds. That number increased to 42.5 million in 2011. In 2013, Americans spent over 516 million days camping.
It takes time to plan a trip to the local campgrounds. That is because 70% of those people who vacation at a campsite like to find parks that have public campgrounds and they also like to bring their friends along. Therefore, they must coordinate their schedules and find a campground that is not full. This is not an easy task since 70% of those that sleep in tents stay for two or more nights and those that prefer to sleep in an RV stay more than five nights at a time. In addition, those that enjoy camping can be found at the local campgrounds, at least, five times a year. Therefore, it is no wonder that most people travel over 190 miles in order to sleep with nature. However, if you cannot find space at your local campgrounds, you can camp in your own backyard. That is what 11% of those surveyed do.
While people with RVs tend to make their trips last longer, more campers have tents or rent cabins in order to enjoy the wilderness. In fact, 86% of those that went camping did so in a tent, while 33% rented a cabin and twenty-four percent of campers used an RV. Regardless of where they sleep, most campers, in fact, 92% of those that responded to the survey chose that as their activity of choice while spending time on their family camping trip. Once they finish hiking, they continue to enjoy the local campgrounds by doing other outdoor activities. Eighty-seven percent of those questioned said they participate in multiple outdoor activities while on a family camping trip.
Whatever you enjoy doing at your local campgrounds, you can do all year long. That is because people enjoy all types of seasonal camping, including winter camping, summer camping and fall camping. If crowds are not your thing, there are also private campgrounds available. In addition, you can reserve one of the secluded cabins that are listed in the campground directory.
The next time you are planning a vacation, find out what your local campgrounds has to offer and take a family camping adventure that will not soon be forgotten. In fact, it may become your family trip of choice and you will find yourself going to a camp resort over and over again. There are local campgrounds throughout the United States. This makes it possible for you to see the country and all that it has to offer, both inside and out.