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Make Florida Your Next Vacation Destination For Relaxation and Fun!

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Each year, thousands of people travel to Florida for vacation purposes. Whether it’s to enjoy one of the many theme parks the state has to offer, or if it’s to spend a relaxing week by the ocean, people across America seem to love the Sunshine State. An estimated 87.3 million people visited the state in 2011, making Florida the number one travel destination in the entire world. That being said, it should come as no surprise that tourism accounts for a large chunk of Florida’s tourism, about $67 billion to be precise. But people aren’t just visiting the beautiful state. And estimated 1,000 people move to Florida each and every day!

There are many perks to moving to the state, and why so many people look into vacation rentals on a regular basis. With an average annual temperature of 82.7 degrees fahrenheit in South Florida, and only 68.5 degrees fahrenheit in the winter, the state is a perfect destination for those wishing to escape the colder weather that’s common in other states. But the weather isn’t the only perk. The tax burden on Florida residents is also much lower than other parts of the country. Infact, according to the Tax Foundation research organization, Florida is one of the lowest tax states, ranking in at number five among all 50 states!

So while there are a great many perks to living in the state, many people are just as content to visit in on a regular basis. It’s a popular destination for family vacations and even some of America’s top executives believe that vacations to destinations like Florida are necessary to help prevent burnout and improve job performance. Many who do indulge in regular vacations return to normal life and work feeling more rested and relaxed than before going on vacation, and because of that, many view regular vacations as a key component of their overall well being.

So whether the idea of moving to the sunshine state, acquiring vacation rentals, or just visiting the state sound appealing, Florida has something for everyone. Theme parks, the ocean, beachfront condos to rent, thousands of golf courses, weekly vacation rentals, island accommodations and more! There’s a reason why 1,000 people move to the state each day. It’s relaxing and fun!