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What Do Customers Hate Most About Flying?

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What’s most important to customers who frequently fly? Is it affordability they look for or is it accommodation? Many surveys have revealed it’s a combination of factors that affect the flying experience. Crafting your in flight entertainment system and airplane display to be as comfortable and accommodating as possible will better encourage customer loyalty by providing the most memorable and pleasant travel memories possible. Read below to learn more about customer satisfaction and how you can better craft ideal global aircraft interiors for your client base.

International And Stateside Flying Statistics

It’s estimated at least eight million people fly every day. The total number of passengers in 2013 was well over three billion, surpassing the most amount of people flown yearly for the first time. Direct spending by both resident and international travelers averaged over $2 billion daily, which accounts to $100 million per hour and $1 million per minute. When it comes to customer preference, there are a few commonalities that link multiple demographics together.

Common Customer Preferences

Listening to customers is essential in crafting your airline service to be as pleasant as possible. Three out of four domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes, while the rest are for business or travel opportunities. Almost half of all airline passengers will watch movies while traveling, while around 20% prefer to read and 17% will sleep throughout the flight. When it comes to satisfaction overall, Emirates is a widely-loved favorite in terms of its in flight entertainment systems and accommodations.

Crafting Global Aircraft Interiors

One of the most common complaints of customers who had an unsatisfactory flight were uncomfortable seats, followed closely by a lack of accommodation. Recent responses from TripAdvisor’s Air Travel Survey found that as many as 25% of respondents would choose one airline over another if it offered wi-fi, while another 37% consider a tablet a carry-on essential. Whether it’s contacting in flight entertainment companies to establish IFE monitors or making your seats more comfortable, a little effort and awareness goes a long way in crafting memorable and ideal global aircraft interiors.

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