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Enjoy Your Family in a Rustic Cabin This Year

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Did you know that camping is one of the most popular American activities? Over 40 million Americans went camping in 2010 on a total of 515 million camping trips. In 2011, 42.5 million Americans went camping, and in 2013, Americans were camping a total of 516.6 million days. Camping has always been popular, but these numbers those that camping continues to grow in popularity among Americans.

Tent camping is still the most popular form of camping. In a recent survey, 86% of respondents stated that they did tent camping. 33% responded they?ve gone cabin camping, 30% states they?ve gone backpacking, 24% went RV camping, and 11% reported they?ve gone camping in their backyard.

While tent camping is by far the most popular, cabin camping often provides more options and is more ideal for families. A lot of campgrounds across the country offer rustic cabins that provide the security of a cabin without taking away from the adventure of camping.

Cabin camping in the winter allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of the winter landscape without the harsh cold. A cabin allows everyone to take some time out of the cold to talk, play games, relax and drink cocoa by the fire. Tent camping in the winter puts all the focus on staying warm.

Autumn camping is also great in a cabin. Autumn us an incredible time when the trees are changing, and the wild animals are busy getting ready for winter. Cabin camping during the autumn months will allow you to observe the animals, and enjoy the environment while still being able to take refuge from the weather, which is often chilly, windy, and rainy in the fall.

Roughly 70% of camping is done in public campgrounds. Open campgrounds often offer a mix of cabins and areas for tent or RV camping. Public campgrounds also frequently provide restrooms and other amenities such as a swimming area, boat, canoe or kayak rental, horseback riding, kids? activities, and more depending on the campground.

Campers invite friends to join them on camping trips 70% of the time. Camping is a very social activity, which makes it the idea to invite friends. Staying in a rustic cabin is most ideal when asking friends because it provides more of an opportunity to interact with each other. When staying in tents, you are separated for the evening hours. In rustic cabins, the fun and conversation can go all night.

87% of campers participate in multiple outdoor activities. As mentioned earlier, many public campgrounds offer activities and things to do for the campers during their visit. Campgrounds along or near a lake or river typically provide water related activities. Campgrounds also frequently offer hiking trails and wilderness overlooks.

For more camping family fun, you can rent rustic cabins at a campground that offers things like putt-putt, boat rental, and evening entertainment. There are so many options through the United States, It doesn?t matter where you live, you?ll be able to find a fun opportunity to take your family cabin camping.