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8 Great Tips for Your Cabin Camping Vacation

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Americans love to camp. In 2013, more than 40 million people in the United States went camping. That is nearly 14% of the population who are six years old or over. More than 99% of people who go camping say they rate the chances of them going again to be “very likely” or “likely.” If you are thinking about planning a camping trip for your family and/or friends and you, you have a lot of options. While most people go tent camping, a fair number are opting for cabin camping sites for their trips.

  1. Decide how far you want to go. Whether you are looking for cabin camping sites in MN or in Texas, you should be able to find campgrounds with cabins in the state you want. It just depends how long you want to take getting there. If you take young children who have never been camping, you might want to start with shorter camping trips that are closer to home.
  2. Find a campground with the activities you enjoy. Most campers prefer to do a number of things while on their family camping vacation. It should not be hard to find a campground for your cabin camping trip that has what you and your family like to do. Hiking is always an option just about anywhere but fishing and other water activities are most likely possible, too. Just make sure the campground you select has what you need.
  3. Check on the amenities of your vacation cabin. These run a full range of options and have many different kinds of amenities. Some luxury camping cabins have everything you would have in a hotel whereas others are just basic structures. Find one that matches your and your family or friends’ needs. You can find a cabin for rent to match your taste. Make sure you check on the cooking and heating situation. When you look into vacation cabin rentals, just ask about the kitchen. You may need more of a full kitchen if you have small children.
  4. Pack for all kinds of weather. You may check the weather religiously but even when you have good weather, the temperature may vary quite a bit during the day. Pack to dress in layers and you should be fine. Few things can derail a fun at cabin camping sites like being miserable because you brought the wrong clothes.
  5. Plan for all kinds of weather. Even at cabin camping sites, you need to plan for rainy days. You can go to the dollar store or other shop and buy games for the family. Other people make up trivia games about their family or friends to see how well everyone knows each other. What you do not want is to have your family all retreat to use their mobile devices on your cabin camping trip. This is an amazing opportunity to unplug from your devices and take a break from social media. Do not worry, it will be there when your vacation is over.
  6. Bring and use sunscreen. You need to bring it with you when you are out hiking, swimming or whatever else you do outside because you need to apply it all of the time. It will be worn off by sweat and water but also, it naturally degrades. Just because you have SPF 1500 does not mean you apply it only once in the morning and forget it for the day. Bring some aloe with lidocaine to use if anyone does get a sunburn.
  7. Tea tree oil is great to get rid of bugs. Mosquitoes hate it. Ticks hate it. If you bring some with you, you can make these nasty bugs hate you, too. As an added bonus, it is all natural.
  8. Take everything with you. If you end up cooking outside, remember not to leave your trash there. This attracts wildlife and not in a good way. Take all of your trash with you when you leave the campground.

Cabin camping trips are becoming more popular and are a lot of fun. They let you enjoy camping even if sleeping in a tent is not your thing. You can enjoy the outdoors and quality time with your friends and family.