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Top Three Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Are Way Better Accommodations Than Traditional Hotels

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More and more families who choose to go out of town for vacation are asking themselves this question over and over again; is it better to stay in vacation rentals or hotels? In fact, that’s probably exactly why you’re sitting here reading this article! Over the past few years, vacation rentals have gained a lot of attention due to websites such as AirBnb, which allows customers to find and rent vacation rentals all over the world.

So why the sudden interest in vacation condo rentals such as oceanfront condo rentals, like those popular Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos that everyone likes so much? It turns out, there are a ton of different advantages that vacation rental homes offer over their traditional hotel counterparts. While renting a vacation home while you’re away isn’t the only option you have in front of you, it’s a pretty darn good one! But what makes them so much than hotels? Well, here’s where it gets interesting.

Unlike vacation home rentals, hotels are better for short stays away from home such as a business trip or something like that. On the other hand, vacation home rentals are better geared toward leisure and are best suited for longer stays. Although hotels are convenient, they atmosphere doesn’t always lend itself towards a long, leisurely stay. Often times families are concerned that a vacation home rental won’t offer the same kind of amenities, convenience, and hospitality that a hotel would, but that’s not true!

Many vacation homes have a resort-like look and feel, with extra attention given to details that make guests feel at home. Everyone knows how it good it feels to sleep in your own bed after a vacation spent sleeping in a hotel bed, but imagine what it’s like to stay in an actual home during vacation? You may not want to go back to your own bed! That’s because vacation homes are geared towards making guests feel…well, at home! They naturally invoke a warm, cozy feel by having full kitchens, comfortable bathrooms, and a great family entertainment area.

So before you make any final decisions about where you want to stay or before you throw your arms up cave into staying at a hotel, take a look at some of the other advantages of staying in a vacation rental home while you’re away.

Make the most of your vacation

You’ve worked incredibly hard to save enough money for your vacation and hard to get the time off from work, so don’t you want to make the most of that? How can you possibly do that if you’re cooked up in a small, stuffy hotel room? You can’t! Did you know the average size of a hotel room in the United States is only 400 square feet? Imagine trying to squeeze some family fun into that! On the other hand, vacation rental properties are typically upwards of 2,000 square feet. That’s plenty of room to stretch out and unwind after a day of family fun! It’s nice being able to have a space big enough for the whole family but everyone still has privacy.

An enhanced vacation experience

You know the deal when it comes to hotel rooms. So many of them have the same generic look and feel that makes them feel quite clinical — in more of a cheesy way. Vacation rental homes on the other hand, are much more authentic and because of this, have way more character. If you’re the kind of traveler that truly wants an authentic experience when they go on vacation (especially if it’s to a foreign country or a new area of the United States that you haven’t been to yet), then staying in a vacation rental home is probably your best option.

Easy money

Believe it or not, but vacation rentals can be easier on your wallet than a long hotel stay, especially if you book for a week or more at a time. Unlike vacation homes, hotels have a lot of overhead, and this is factored into their nightly rate. Why pay for a tiny, generic room when you could have a whole house instead?