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Why Many and You Can Enjoy the Great Outdoors

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Camping is an American pastime, starting in the 20th century as a leisure and vacation activity. Just the word conjures up images of congeniality and togetherness: the parents and kids sitting around a campfire, bundled up if it is cold, roasting marshmallows on sticks and spending time with one another.

Family camping trips are still popular among many in the 21st century, according to statistics:

  • The majority of surveyed camping participants said they were planning on average of nearly five trips, with two-thirds planning three trips or more.
  • 13% of adult camping participants camped because they wanted to spend more time with their families.
  • In 2010, around 40 million people camped, totaling 515 million outings.
  • Each camping participant spends 15 days on average camping.
  • The 2014 American Camping Report shows that almost all camping participant were likely or very likely to camp again.

Campsites can vary in terms of their offerings. Some enjoy camping near a lake, while some like sunny campgrounds but others shady campsites. Local camping sites can be found throughout the country, from Oklahoma campgrounds to North Carolina campgrounds to even Michigan campgrounds.

For those looking for amazing scenery, breathtaking views, and a spot in nature, a certain country may be perfect for your camping needs: Canada.

Canadian campgrounds offer many of the same perks as American campgrounds but are in what is often considered one of the world’s most beautiful countries. The breadth of geography in Canada leads to solitude and remarkable views in many Canadian campgrounds. Far north in Canada, you’ll find the Northern Lights and there is a great deal of wildlife that can be seen in Canadian campgrounds that may intrigue you.

To camp, you need numerous items. The first is the tent. A tent is important for protection against the elements and today there are many companies that produce tents of different sizes and shapes to accommodate you or the number of members in your family.

A quick search online can lead you to two-person tents or four-person tents, ones that have a canopy sticking out from the front like the roof of a porch or those that have numerous rooms inside. There are particular tents for cold weather. These four season tents can withstand the weight of snow piled on the roof and stay warmer than others.

You’ll need to consider food options when preparing for a camping trip. Often, there are grills located on the campsite, lending well the activity of grilling meat or other goods. Firewood is also important if you want to have the experience of sitting around the campfire with your family.

There are also tools you’ll need, a knife in particular. A knife can be used for many functions during a camping trip. A lantern is helpful also if you need to make a quick trek during the night. Comfortable sleeping bags for you and your family can add to the comforts of a camping trip.