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Touring America in Luxury and Comfort The Benefits of Chartering a Motorcoach

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Modern transportation has changed the very way we live our lives; no longer must a journey involve arduous packing and precautions by stage coach thanks to modern vehicles. Thanks to planes, ships, trains, and automobiles, we can get to any destination we so choose faster than ever and in more ways than ever before. Across the United States there are 16,000 vans and shuttle buses working for charter services, accounting for 631,000,000 passenger trips annually in the United States and Canada. While airlines are used more frequently, recent security concerns and increasing costs for commercial flights has caused many Americans to consider motorcoach travel as a unique alternative to airline travel. Here are some reasons why the motorcoach resurgence is in full swing.

The Impact of Motorcoach Use

Motorcoaches are responsible for decreasing our impact on the environment as a suitable alternative to passenger vehicles. Every single full motorcoach has the potential to remove up to 55 automobiles from the highway. Moreover motorcoaches are three times more efficient in reducing carbon dioxide output when compared to commuter rail and five times more efficient than transit buses in cities — this means that motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile when compared to other vehicles and are in fact on average six times more energy and fuel-efficient than single occupancy vehicles on the road. Experts say that switching to motorcoach travel for the 12,500 miles traveled annually by the average automobile would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 tons per automobile annually. In other words, motorcoaches are one of the most eco-friendly travel options available to us; lessening our impact on the environment is always a good thing, especially when you can do so in comfort.

Travel’s Impact on the Economy

Travel has a significant impact on a local economy as shown from charter bus routes. A single charter bus that stays overnight in a town has the potential to contribute up to $4,000 to that economy through hotel fees, dining expenses, local shops, and entertainment. There are some towns throughout America that subsist almost entirely off tourist dollars, this helps to put several millions of Americans at work. It has been recorded that in total, motorcoaches are responsible for $112.7 billion in total economic activity throughout the country. For the millions of rural residents with no other form of public intercity transportation, motorcoaches provide the only form of transportation. The flexible, efficient, and cost effective transportation solutions attributed to motorcoach use helps support local economies, link commuters to employment, and provide a surface transportation network for airport and rail station commute.

Seeing America

One of the best ways to truly enjoy motorcoaches is to book a vacation with family and friends on one. Chartering a motorcoach allows you to book your own unique route as you approach your final destination, ensuring there will never be a shortage of things to do. While traveling passengers enjoy amenities like a WiFi, reclining seats, an on-board restroom, television and speaker systems, in addition to other premium amenities. Many businesses rely on motorcoaches to provide shuttle services to meet their employees at airports. One of the most popular use for motorcoaches has to be the inclusion of bus tours to NYC. New York City bus tours are becoming one of the best options for navigating the crowded streets to destinations. Bus tours to NYC often include a number of other stops along the way including Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, or others depending on where one departs from. Bus tours to NYC help keep passengers safe from the often confusing geography while providing suggestions for venues that you may not have thought to look for in the first place! If you’re thinking of booking a unique vacation to the Big Apple, look into motorcoach services to see if there are bus tours to NYC that fit your schedule.