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When Flying for Business, Consider a Charter Over a Commercial Flight

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When you need to travel by air, you have more than one choice. While most people fly commercial, you can charter a private jet. That option is much more expensive than flying commercial, but it does have some other advantages that can make it worth the cost.

Private jet charters typically charge you by the hour, and the rate usually is a few thousand dollars. That’s more than even the priciest first-class tickets, so it certainly is not a good option for most people. However, for a business that has to send several employees to the same site for a meeting or training session, a private aircraft charter can make sense. If you have several people using the plane, the cost goes down, which can make it a viable option.

A big advantage of jet charter service is speed. When you charter a private jet, you fly directly to your destination. That means there are no connections to make, which can shave hours off your traveling time. With commercial air travel you hardly ever can fly directly between two smaller cities without connecting through a larger hub airport, but a charter jet company can fly directly to any city that has an airport that can accommodate jets. Nearly half of all business aircraft flights arrive at a city that has no scheduled commercial air service, so without a chartered flight, you might find yourself driving a good distance after a commercial flight.

Another way you save time with private jet charter flights is with check in and security procedures. With a commercial flight, you typically have to be at the airport an hour or more in advance, and then you wind up spending a significant amount of time standing in ticket and security lines. When you charter a private jet you don’t have those concerns. You can show up about 30-45 minutes before your flight, go through a quick security check procedure and then be on the plane and on your way.

Comfort while flying is sometimes taken for granted. People expect to sit in a seat that as hardly any legroom and to wind up next to an annoying person or someone with a screaming kid. With a private jet charter, you don’t have those concerns. You will have plenty of space and few other passengers to deal with. You also will get personal service at every step of the way, from the check-in people, to the pilots to your flight attendant. And that will give you the time you need to do work if you need to.

As you can see, there are some big benefits of flying on a private jet that can make the cost worth it for those who can afford it.