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The Best City Guides Should Suit Your Purpose

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Are you looking for a city guide that displays your chosen city? There are many possible reasons why you could want a city guide. Some want city guides for tourist purposes. Others want city guides for single issues, such as shopping or dining. Still, other city guides focus on practical daily living in a city. The best city guides focus on the purpose that best suits your needs.

As mentioned, there are many city guides that cover aspects of tourism for the city. The number of tourist guides depend on how prominent the city is. London, the most visited city in the world in 2012, has dozens of guides for tourists. These guides may be general tourist guides, or more specific guides, such as historical sites, interesting London Underground stations, London art galleries, and many other things tourists may be interested in. Still, even less visited cities have guides. Denver, despite decades of obscurity, has its own tourist guides, now that it is emerging as a destination in its own right.

There are also guides for both residents and tourists that focus on single issues. Fine dining is often the most common. Zagat and Michelin both publish guides that rate restaurants. There are also guides for shopping and things to do in each city.

Finally, there are city guides for moving to new cities. These guides are often for cities that attract a large transplant population. Washington DC is a city that has guides for residents. These guides detail neighborhoods with locations of grocery stores, banks, and other essentials. They also have information on city government and services, roads and transit systems, crime, and parks and recreation. Some even have online city guides as supplements.

There are guides that suit a variety of tastes and interests. The best ones are the ones that suit yours. So the next time you are in a book store, look around and see which city guides are best for you.