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Best city guide

I am a traveler. I have been to 30 different countries and just as many states. I am a connoisseur of the best city guides for travelers. When looking for the best city guide, albeit an online city guide or a paper one, thereis a handful of essential items that should be included.

First things first. Safety. The best city guides will tell you which areas to avoid, how to be safe while visiting and how to get help if you need it. Help can be police contact, your embassy, or whatever is appropriate. It will also share with you cultural mores that will help keep you safe.

My favorite part of traveling. Food and drink. The best city guides will include lists of tantalizing food and drink options. It is best if they list local favorites, tastes, cost, and the best times to go to which restaurant. The best city guides might even tell you about a cute little old lady who pushes around a tamale truck with the best darn tamales ever made. Or maybe the best city guide will tell you about a happy hour that simply can not be missed.

Of course, then there is the arts. The best city guides will halve an extensive list of must see items such as famous statues, museums and live music venues. It will tell you which museums are worth your time and which give senior citizen discounts. The best city guide will tip you off to some corner jazz house you might otherwise have missed.

And perhaps most importantly, the best city guide will give you the stats on getting around. The best city guides will have bus routes, where to catch a taxis or rent a car, where to find bathrooms, where to exchange currency, and key phrases in the local language. And the best way to find the perfect travel guide is to ask other travelers which ones they are using.