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The Best City Guides are Geared Toward Your Needs

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Are you traveling to a different city? Are you considering moving to a different city? Those are two different questions, and unfortunately, the best city guides will vary depending on what you need. Looking for the best city guides depends not just on what you are doing, but also what you want to see, what you want from a city, and what practical matters are important to you.

What you want to see often determines the best city guides for vacationers. Many city guides are oriented towards vacationers and culture vultures, such as certain guides for Paris, Vienna and other cities. Some of the best city guides are oriented towards histories. You will not find much history in Tokyo, which is largely a post World War II city, but you will find history city guides for London, Shanghai, and countless cities in India.

Many of the best city guides have far more practical concerns. Let us say you are moving to Washington DC. Great. What is the feel of each neighborhood? You may be looking for a neighborhood of young professionals, families, or power brokers. Where are the grocery stores and the dry cleaners? How do you use the Metro? These are all practical questions that the best city guides can answer. Of course, the best city guides have practical advice for other cities, such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other cities that attract transients.

Both types of the best city guides should include things to do. You may think you will be busy, but chances are that you will have down time. Use that down time to explore the city amenities. Whether it is restaurants, sports, theater, or something totally unique to the city, the best city guides should illustrate this.

Finding good city guides can be difficult. See what is available in a bookstore, or see if there is an online city guide. Whatever you decide, make sure you have the best city guides to suit your needs.