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Ryanair is One of Many Aircrafts to Consider Benefit of Charter Plane Services

Empty leg flight

Ryanair, one of the more well known discount airlines (and Europe?s largest carrier), has decided to get in on charter plane services. Their new corporate jet charter service will offer a Boeing 737-700 for either group or corporate hire. Each plane comes with 60 business class leather seats, and the plane itself has a long-range flight time of up to six hours.

Although Ryanair already offers some plans for charter, it?s been in high demand and during the busy summer season, the plane is frequently booked already when customers ask for it. “Now, business and group travellers can also enjoy the benefits of Ryanair?s corporate jet service, as we offer a customised Ryanair Boeing 737-700 for private charter,” the company explained in a recent release.

Jet Charter Services Increasingly Popular Choice

Considering what Ryanair is doing, it should come as no surprise that charter plane services have been becoming more popular over the past several years. Why? It makes a lot more sense to rent a plane than it does to own one. Private jet charters allow fliers to leave from any location easily, and they only need to pay for the time they?re actually using the plane. But they also allow fliers to avoid all the discomforts of a typical flight — the lines, the baggage handling, the small, crowded seats, etc.

Traveling and Working

Did you know that people traveling on a company aircraft said they were 20% more productive than they were in the office? Yet people who traveled commercial reported, instead, a 40% drop in productivity. If your time is important, then you may want to opt for a private jet rather than a flight that will have you cramped and daydreaming. It can be difficult to concentrate fully when your legs can barely move, after all.

Air Travel Continues to Connect Companies

On average, business passengers take 15 business trips every year. As companies around the globe continue to become more interconnected — thanks in part to the internet — meeting in person is still necessary. Air travel has become an increasingly popular way for companies to interact. For this reason, it makes sense to invest in charter airplanes — it’s not just an investment in comfort, it’s an investment in best business practices.