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Looking for a Great Vacation Spot? Consider Beaches in Hawaii

Maps of hawaii

Are you looking for a great place to vacation with your family this summer? You may want to peruse the maps of Hawaii–the most recently admitted American state–to find some of the best beaches in Oahu or the best beaches in Maui.

In Maui, there several different options for those looking for amazing outdoor activities at the beach. At Mokuleia Beach, for example, you can find excellent snorkeling because the area is rich with fish that are protected from fishing as part of conservation of marine life. In addition to snorkeling, Wailea Beach may be ideal for body surfing and swimming. The Napili Bay is known for pristine water and a quite cove area. For those who are seeking nude beaches, there is Pu’u Ola’i Beach, which is an unofficial destination for those who have that preference.

In Honolulu on Oahu, Kahala Beach is considered to be “secret.” Oahu is also home to Halona Cove, where the iconic love scene from “From Here to Eternity” was shot. As you can see, there are numerous beaches of Hawaii from which to choose. The next decision will involve finding the best hotels in Maui or Oahu.

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