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Don’t Throw Out Those Scratched Sunglasses

How to fix scratched sunglasses lenses

When Roman emperor Nero wasn’t fiddling while Rome was burning, it is said that he enjoyed watching gladiator fights through gems to manipulate the color and distortion of what he was seeing. This perhaps early form of sunglasses is a little different from the way we use them today. We use sunglasses to make fashion statements and to help us see better by keeping the sun out of our eyes. The unfortunate problem with sunglasses is that though they are probably one of the most depended upon accessories, they are also one of the most easily damaged.
The most easily damaged part are sunglass lenses. All it takes is some unfortunate hand fumbling or placement of a set of keys to scratch up the lenses on your favorite pair of designer sunglasses. Rather than chucking them out or worrying about how to fix scratched sunglasses lenses, you can opt for sunglass lens replacement. Getting polarized replacement lenses is a smart option because they can protect your eyes from UV rays.
Exposure to UV rays is not just uncomfortable to the eyes; it can also cause retinal damage and cataracts which can eventually lead to cloudy and impaired vision. This does not have to be cause for concern (or a detriment to your sight) because the most protective sunglasses keep out 99% of both UVA and UVB rays. Polarized replacement lenses are an easy and convenient way to fix your sunglasses and protect your eyes.
Nero probably was not too concerned with whether or not his gems were scratched or about finding replacement lenses for them, but when our sunglasses are scratched we need to do something about it. Replacement lenses — especially polarized replacement lenses — are the best way to save your scratched sunglasses.