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Finding Your Way in a New City Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

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Getting a new job can bring increased income, seniority, and the opportunity to have more influence in a field of work or study. But when new opportunities come with a request for relocation, apartments for rent can be hard to come by on short notice. Hotels are available, but often lack amenities like kitchens and laundry services.

When work requires immediate relocation, finding short term corporate housing can be a solution. These are furnished rentals — apartments or houses — with all the comforts of home, made available to the traveling worker for periods of more than a month at a time.

The average stay of a renter is almost three months, giving clients time to get used to a new city and to find long-term housing that suits their needs.

Corporate housing providers can also offer furnished rentals
with kitchen facilities for short-term projects where the employee is required to be on-site for a few weeks and is unable to make the commute from his house to the job site.

Numbering almost 60,000 units across the United States, premier corporate housing appeals to both workers who need to relocate –temporarily or permanently — and to the companies who often fund relocation packages for promoted employees.

Furnished rentals can include a bed with linens, television and computer services, laundry facilities and may also include meals. Executive corporate housing may include an in-house concierge service for dry cleaning or other weekly errands, a swimming pool and gymnasium access, as well as help in finding a new apartment.