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4 Awesome Ways to Tour the City in Style

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It’s no secret that driving around a big city is a pain. You’re likely to spend less time enjoying yourself and more time dealing with traffic, narrow streets, impossible parking, and a GPS that can try to send you the wrong way on a one-way street. Why bother with a rental car when there are transportation services? Here are four ways you can travel with ease.

1. Getting There (and Leaving) – Airport Shuttle Services

Sometimes, you just want to get to your hotel and figure it out from there. Airport shuttle services are a great alternative to taxis, which can be too small and mobbed by the three million people who safely fly every day. Depending on the distance you need to go from the airport, shuttle services can be cheaper, too! And at the end of your stay, shuttle services also offer transportation to the airport, which can be more comforting than hailing a cab if you need to check in when it’s still dark.

2. Bus Tours and Special Events Bus Trips

One of the most popular ways to tour NYC
is by bus. Employees cry their advertisements for bus tours in NYC on every street corner, but the Big Apple isn’t the only place you can get a comfortable ride around. Most major cities have bus tours available if you just check out their tourism website.

Bus tours are incredibly versatile, too. Charter bus rentals allow large groups of people to travel together, be it to and from two places or a sprawling exploration of all an area has to offer. Hit every Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., experience all of the historical neighborhoods and landmarks nearby Wilmington, DE, or hop on-hop off of looping routes all day for a customized tour of your own. Charter bus rentals are ideal for business trips, athletic groups, school groups, and senior groups. For slightly smaller groups, there are motorcoach and minibus rentals as well. Plus, traveling as a group is environmentally conscious, especially with so many businesses switching to eco-friendly vehicles.

3. Arrive with Flash

If you’ve traveled to a conference, a wedding, a party, or just want to experience luxury, there’s a transportation service for you. Limos are classic, but stretch sedans are on the rise (literally). You can arrive in style and travel in style in cars that come with snack bars, ice and champagne buckets, televisions, music players, funky lighting, and bragging rights.

4. Easy Travel when Travel is Hard

An injury or medical condition should not prevent someone from traveling. Private vehicle, shuttle, and charter bus rentals can all accommodate unique needs that may otherwise make a vacation frustrating. Wheelchair-users don’t have to be limited to medical transport services; a broken arm doesn’t have to be jostled into cramped public transport; an oxygen tank can be brought along with ease.

This sort of freedom of course applies to other needs. Check with your provider to see if they allow pet passengers, if they have a discount for children, how much extra baggage you can bring, or any other services you may need. Remember these companies have been hired by you and they’ll want to keep you happy. Most any reasonable request will be met, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your trip.