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3 Winter Camping Tips to Keep You Warm at Night

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Winter camping can be some of the most fun you’ve ever had, but only if you properly prepare and go with people who know what they’re doing. Otherwise, the cold might bother you.

Here are just a few winter camping tips to take with you to the snowy campgrounds.

Plan hot meals. – Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, make sure your meal is hot. It doesn’t have to be an extravagent meal and you don’t have to worry about MacGyvering things together like you see on the Internet. It could be instant oatmeal, grilled cheese, and chili if you’d like. If anything, you don’t want to be too fancy with your meals, as prep work can be pretty tough to do with gloves on. If you do want to have a meal that requires prep, then get the cutting and things done at home.

Get a sleeping pad. – Something underneath your sleeping bag is worth two things on top, believe it or not. A good sleeping pad is well worth your investment, but if you’re strapped for cash, you might want to consider using a yoga mat or two that you might have laying around.

Sleep strategically. – You can’t just go to bed when you’re winter camping. First, you should change into some clean, dry clothes. The clothes you have on are probably all sweaty, and you don’t want a lot of moisture when you go to bed. A good idea is to wear long johns and tomorrow’s t-shirt and underwear. That way, not all of your clothes will be cold when you get dressed. Second, it’s also a good idea to keep tomorrow’s clothes in your sleeping bag with you, because they’ll help you warm up your sleeping bag. Thirdly, wear a cap to bed. Even if you have a mummy sleeping bag.

Taking these tips to the snowy campsites
will help you have awesome winter camping trips and — most importantly — stay warm. Questions? Feel free to share in the comments. Helpful info also found here.