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3 Steps to Plan YOUR Best Camping Trip

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Do you love camping? Or do you want to try it? Well you’re definitely not alone! In 2010, 40 million Americans went camping in their free time, and in 2011 42.5 million Americans spent a combined 534.9 MILLION days camping!
Before joining the camping masses, you have a few choices to make…
1. To tent or not to tent?
The word “camping” may bring up images of a tent and campfire out in the woods, but there are lots of other options! While most American campers take part in tent camping, 33% go cabin camping, 24% go RV camping, and 8% just lay out under the stars.
Cabin rentals save you the trouble (and the packing space!) of bringing and setting up your own weekend home. Some campgrounds even offer a range of cabins, from minimalist one-room rustic cabins to multiple bedroom homes-away-from-home.
RVing is perfect for bringing all the luxuries of home along with you! RVs come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and are packed with tech to keep you comfy away from home. They can be bought or rented, and the best part is, when you get to the campsite everything is already right where you need it, and you can get straight to the fun!
2. Whatcha wanna do?
Now that you know how you want to sleep, deciding how to spend your days will help you find camping sites where you’ll have the most fun!
Hiking is a popular choice- a whopping 92% of campers go hiking on their trips! Camp grounds in New York, Tennessee or Colorado can get you close to some gorgeous mountain hiking.
Is swimming more your style? Camping in North Carolina or Virginia can put you right next to the beach, or camping in Michigan can grant you access to the Great Lakes. You could even find camping sites located near a water park!
If you want to travel and see new cities, campgrounds in Texas can grant you access to San Antonio. You can also find camping sites near Nashville TN, Las Vegas NV, and many other major US cities. Some of them even offer shuttles into the city to see the sights!
Want to go a little more basic, or don’t have the dough for a big trip right now? While most camping is done on public camp grounds, they definitely aren’t the only option- 11% of Americans simply camp in their back yards. It’s a cheap, easy option for family camping that offers a fresh look at your daily surroundings.
3. When do we start?!
You can camp for as long or short of a time as you want! While 70% of tenting trips last just 1-2 nights, over a quarter of RV campers go for five nights or more, making camping a great way to spend a week vacation, or just an ordinary weekend.
And don’t think that means just in the summer months. Autumn camping can offer spectacular views of the changing leaves. And if you’ve got the gear to keep warm, winter camping has been growing in popularity in recent years, and offers access to cold-weather activities like snowshoeing and ice fishing.
So what are you waiting for? Get out there!