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3 Reasons to Go On a Helicopter Tour in Oahu

Going on a vacation to Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, can easily be the trip of a lifetime. With so much to see on the island, which is a whopping 597 square miles, it can be hard to decide what to do during your vacation. One option that you should strongly consider is helicopter tours. Helicopter tours in Oahu are a popular choice for tourists visiting the island. This article is going to look at three reasons why you should absolutely consider helicopter rides in Oahu for your next sightseeing adventure.

  • Best View of the Island: The biggest reason to go on helicopter tours in Oahu is that you will literally have the absolute best view of the island. Helicopters can provide the perfect bird’s-eye view of the landscape and the ocean surrounding the island, so if you go on a helicopter tour, you are guaranteed to see views you won’t be able to get anywhere else on the island. This can include flying over the volcanic cone of Diamond Head. For tourists who love getting the best pictures or video of any place they visit, a helicopter tour of Oahu is the way to go. Helicopter tours are superior to simply hiking trails, or walking the beach, since being up in a helicopter you can see everything spread out below you.
  • See Locations for TV Shows: One of the great things about Oahu is that its the sight of several television shows that film on location there, including the remakes of Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. These popular television shows have shooting locations all over the island, and a benefit of going on a helicopter tour of the island is that you can see some of these locations during the trip. It’s always cool and fun to see locations that you’ve seen a hundred times on TV with your own eyes, and helicopter tours in Oahu would absolutely make this possible.
  • Proving the Adrenaline Rush: Another reason to go on a helicopter tour of Oahu is that it can provide the perfect adrenaline rush for tourists who love to go on thrill seeking trips. Helicopter tours can provide this rush if you choose to ride in an open-door helicopter. By riding in an open-door helicopter, there is nothing to stop the wind from flowing through the craft and it makes you feel like you’re actually flying over the island. For thrill seekers, helicopter tours are an absolute must while visiting Oahu.

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons to go on a helicopter tour in Oahu. These include getting the best views of the island possible, seeing actual locations for television shows, and getting an adrenaline rush from riding in an open-door helicopter. These are all excellent reasons to go on a helicopter tour when you get the chance to visit the island of Oahu.