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When to Get a Private Jet Charter

Many vehicles and modes of transport exist across land, sea, and air. On the ground, a person may ride in a taxi or bus, or on board a passenger train. On the ocean, passenger liners are largely a relic of the past, but cruise ships prove popular. Meanwhile, ever since 1903, people have taken to the skies too, from early biplanes to today’s commercial jets, private jets, and helicopters. Some such vehicles are for military use or for transporting freight, but many commercial and private jets can be found in today’s sky lanes. Many millions of passenger trips are taken in the United States alone every year, and that’s just the commercial ones. Some Americans, such as wealthier individuals on vacation or a business professional, may ask for private jet charter flights instead. Private air charters are quite useful for when a business professional is going somewhere, and luxurious private jets are available for the wealthiest Americans to take vacations. Purchasing a private jet is quite an investment, even more than a car or pickup truck. But instead, some Americans may ask for a jet charter, borrowing someone else’s jet for a trip.

Traveling by Jet

For business and leisure, why are Americans flying in jets? On demand flying is a great option when someone is going to a destination difficult to reach by land, such as going over large bodies of water or mountain ranges. A business professional flying from Seoul to Singapore, for example, would arrive much faster than if they took a boat there, and trains or buses can’t even go over water. And flying from Seattle to Dallas may be a fine way to go right over the Rocky Mountains. In any case, commercial and private jets alike can travel much faster than land vehicles, arriving in only hours when land transport might need a few days to arrive. This is very convenient and helps a traveler maintain a tight travel schedule.

As a bonus, private jets can be quite luxurious and comfortable to travel in, and provide a quiet and personal environment. For example, business professionals taking a chartered flight can get some work done en route, and this quiet, cozy environment is good for their concentration. Many surveyed business professionals report being around 20% more productive on board these jets, similar to how remote employees at home offices can avoid the distractions and stress of a crowded office. Business professionals will probably have a chartered flight arranged for them, rather than try and buy their own jet.

Owning Jets

Someone who can afford a jet, and wants one, can go about a process similar to buying a car. These vehicles can be bought new or used, like cars, and there are advantages to each route. New jets cost the most, but these vehicles will come with full factory warranties and will have no repair or maintenance issues. These new jets will also have the most modern standards of fuel efficiency, power, safety features, comfort, and communications gear if so desired. Meanwhile, a buyer may look to purchase a used jet. These used jets need to be inspected before purchase, but a gently used jet may allow for a generous discounted price.

In this case, the buyer should look over the jet in person and check the interior, exterior, and engines for any faults or maintenance issues. The buyer may also look over the flight logs and find out where the jet had been stored. Dry environments are better for jet storage, such as in semi-arid environments, but a jet stored somewhere humid and damp, such as the Louisiana coast, may have some mildew issues or other problems to look out for.

What about offering chartered flights? Jets are not leased or lended, but rather, an owner may offer chartered flights to interested clients to help cover maintenance costs. During times of the year when the owner is not planning any flights, they can offer chartered flights to other people, and while this will probably not turn a profit, it can help offset maintenance or refueling costs, and expenses of pilot salaries or paying off a loan for that jet.