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Why You Need to Make Sure Your Kid Wears Sunglasses

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We all know that the sun does damage. Harmful ultra violet rays shoot down from the skies unseen and do irreparable damage to our unsuspecting skin. The sun burns our skin, can cause cancer, and eventually can make us look much older than we really are, but the sun and its rays can also do a number on our eyes and ultimately our vision. The people who are most at risk for damage from the sun are children, so if you’ve got some you should make sure their little delicate eyes are protected.

Children’s eyes are more at risk for damage from the sun mostly because of two reasons. The first is that they don’t know the dangers of overexposure to ultra violet rays, and therefore do not realize that any time they are in the sun they need to be wearing sunglasses. The second is that their eyes are very sensitive and not fully developed, so damage can be much more severe.

Ultra violet rays can cause a myriad of different eye ailments and maladies. The first and most obvious is discomfort — there is a reason it hurts to look at the sun and people are never advise to look directly into it. Over time, UV rays can cause damage to the retinas of the eyes, which in later years can progress into macular degeneration and cataracts. Aside from the eyeball itself, the thin skin around the eyes is also at risk for skin cancer, which can best be prevented by wearing sunglasses.

If your child does not have sunglasses or the sunglasses that they do have are a cheap pair with cheap sunglass lenses, you might want to consider getting sunglass lens replacement. Polarized replacement lenses are most effective for protecting the eye area from UV rays. Sunglass replacement lenses can also be fit to almost any type of sunglasses, so you do not have to worry about buying a new pair. Sunglass lenses replacement is also an environmentally friendly option. See this reference for more.