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What to Expect With Your Helicopter Adventure

If you’re looking for the best sightseeing adventure for your Hawaii vacation ideas, there’s almost nothing you can choose that will be more exciting than an Oahu helicopter tour. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Oahu?

Oahu is one of the most gorgeous places in the world; not just in Hawaii! It’s one of the largest of the state’s many islands at nearly 600 square miles. It is the most populated island in Hawaii, and is known as “The Gathering Place.” This busy and beautiful island is a wonderful base from which to strike out on a sightseeing adventure.

Why Helicopters?

Helicopter tours are tremendous fun. The US has the largest number of commercial helicopters of any nation on earth, with close to 13,000 of them in use during 2017. A helicopter tour allows you to see the sights in ways you never dreamed. You get a truly bird’s eye view that is different from what you see in a fast-moving airplane. And if you love photography, you’ll be able to remember your sightseeing adventure with photo ops that you could otherwise only dream of.

What to Expect

If you choose one of the best helicopter tours in Oahu for your excursions, you should know in advance what to expect.

It’s About You

A helicopter tour is all about making you feel comfortable and satisfying your interests. You’ll be safely strapped into a comfortable seat and can then direct the pilot to fly over the areas you most want to see, or leave it to him or her to take you around to see the best sites.

It Might Be Cool

Don’t forget that a helicopter ride is going to be a bit chillier than staying on the ground! You’re higher up and often in an open cockpit, so be sure to bring a sweater or jacket to make sure you stay comfy.

There Are Things You Need

There are a few things you’ll need to bring with you. Make sure you check them off the list so you can make the most of your sightseeing adventure:

  • ID Most of the time you won’t be allowed to board without showing photo ID. This is for your safety as well as liability for the tour company.
  • Camera If you forget your camera, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!
  • Ear plugs A helicopter can get noisy, and it’s always a good idea to protect your hearing.
  • Binoculars These aren’t necessarily a must, but you’ll be glad you brought them if you have some.
  • Sunglasses It’s going to be bright up there, so protect your eyes and make sure you can enjoy all the sights without an issue.
  • Protection from the sun Your helicopter may or may not have windows, and even if it does they will not protect you from the sun. You won’t be able to move to the shade or shift positions to get the rays on a different part of your body, so be sure to wear protective clothing or bring sunscreen.
  • Motion sickness meds If you know you’re prone to motion sickness, don’t be afraid to bring something along to make your trip more enjoyable.

There Are Things You Don’t Need

There are also a few things you want to avoid taking up on your sightseeing adventure.

  • Hats and scarves Remember that scene from The Incredibles about the dangers of capes on superheroes? Well hats and scarves don’t fare a lot better in flight. You’re not going to be blown away yourself, but you will lose your hat or scarf in the rotors or the wash.
  • Jewelry Remember that anything long can get tangled and be a danger to you or others, so leave the long dangling necklaces at home.

You’ll never get a better view of the islands than from a helicopter tour, so what are you waiting for?