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Wedding Venues What You Want And What You Need

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Finding a wedding venue is always a challenge. It becomes even more of a challenge once you narrow down the places in which you might holding your wedding. Rochester NY wedding venues are plentiful, but only a select few will present what you want in your wedding. For that matter, many find that Rochester NY event spaces have to be booked far in advance — which means that it’s your responsibility to decide where you want to get married fairly far in advanced. The sooner you know how you want your wedding to look — and how you want it to be conducted — the sooner you book your wedding venue. Knowing what you want makes finding a wedding venue much simpler. But at the same time, the event venues you’ll look at will be heavily dependent on what you want your wedding to look like, from theme to food. Think carefully, as once you book a wedding venue you will likely be able to move the wedding date, but not cancel your reservation entirely. With that being said, below we’ll look at the different factors you should consider before finding a wedding venue. This will make your job much simpler.

Consider The Theme

The theme of your wedding can be incredibly specific, or fairly general. But the venue you choose will be affected by the theme of your wedding. Many find that they want a wedding that is classic and simple — and a classic and simple venue can be found. Ideally, a venue should have both a classic structure for the reception — say, a banquet hall — and beautiful outdoor spaces. According to some wedding planners, weddings on the lake are ideal, combining both the rustic and the elegant. Others find that antique hotels in downtown areas are perfect wedding venues. At the same time, some couples have very particular themes in mind that may not “go” with more traditional venues. It might be a good idea, in this case, to find a wedding venue that is creative and out of the box. Recently, many weddings have been held at aquariums — going along with an “under the sea” theme. Others find that a barn is perfect for a country-themed wedding. Weddings have been held at amusement parks, too. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the more traditional or common the theme of your wedding, the more in demand your potential venue might be. So move quickly.

Keep Food In Mind

Food is an important factor at any wedding. Often, wedding venues may supply food — everything from appetizers at cocktail hour to full scale dinners — as a part of a catering package. Some, in fact, do not allow couples to use outside caterers at all, which is something that needs to be discussed immediately. Certain venues incorporate full restaurants into their packages. For example, many lakeside weddings take advantage of lakefront restaurants. Lakefront restaurants allow people to enjoy their receptions and have food either brought in from the restaurant — or in the cases of smaller, less traditional weddings, the wedding party may decide to eat at the restaurant itself. Often, restaurants make higher quality food than more small-scale catering companies. Food can make or break a guest’s memory of a wedding. When finding a wedding venue, you aren’t just finding a ceremony and reception space; you’re also finding the place that will potentially be supplying you and your guests with food.

Don’t Forget The Guest List

The larger the guest list, the larger the venue — this is just practical and logical. You don’t need the most spacious venue on the planet, but you don’t want your guests to be on top of each other either. As such, you should ascertain the number of guests as quickly as possible — and know that a huge guest list will limit the amount of venues you have. Ultimately, follow your heart and have the wedding you want; but don’t forget reality!