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Types of Lodging at a Campground


When it is time for your family to plan a camping trip, you want to make sure you have everything taken care of. It is common to spend so much time thinking about the location, you haven’t taken care of where your family will stay when they get there. There are many options at most campgrounds regarding where your family will spend their nights. Here are three types of lodging to consider when planning your next camping trip. Statistics show that 87% of campers participated in activities that involved the great outdoors, be sure to bring the sunscreen!

The first option that can be chosen for a resting place at a campground would be staying in a cabin. Cabins are not always offered at every campsite but if they are, you should strongly consider renting one. One reason cabins have remained so popular would be because they offer more security than a tent does. Cabins can range from small to large, all featuring comforts of home.

Some families prefer a bare bones cabin, allowing them to have things setup their own way. Other families may get more enjoyment from a cabin that is similar to a vacation home. No matter what type of cabin you choose, any option will make a welcome perk to any camping trip. A recent survey indicated that 99% of campers plan on repeatedly camping again throughout the year.

The second possible option for lodging at a campground would be the freedom of an RV. Some families have their own personal RV that they take on trips. However, not everyone has the luxury of owning an RV, making renting one a perfectly viable option. Renting an RV can give your family the comforts of home while still being far away from the hectic pace of the city.

RVs are the closest thing you can get to taking your home on the road. Comfortable furniture and cooking equipment are two benefits using an RV for your next camping trip. Many families look forward to getting to be able to have the RV on the road for their next adventure. In 2013, statistics showed that the average camper went on 5.4 camping trips, making an RV an investment that pays for itself rather quickly for most.

The third option would be for a family to spend their camping trip in tents. However, those wanting some type of comfort of their home will likely not enjoy this option. Tents have been a popular choice for families staying at a campsite because it is likely the most inexpensive choice. Staying in a tent does have a big drawback, you won’t find that much protection from the elements.

A storm can put a mild damper on any camping trip, finding yourself in a tent when it happens can make things even worse. If staying in an area where there is known to be wildlife around, a tent could be an unsuitable option.

In closing, choosing where to stay while camping is vital. Some families may opt for the comfort and freedom that comes with an RV. The tranquility and old-fashioned charm of a cabin can be another great option for your next trip. A tent is a perfect choice in certain camping situations. However, the minimal amount of protection a tent offers may leave some families wanting to choose another option. As long as you’ve made the decision to take time away from the stress of modern life, at a RV campground, you’ve already made a great decision!