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Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Buena Vista, Colorado

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Some people see vacations as a time when they can relax and do a lot of nothing. Some of us, however, want a little more out of our vacations — something a lot less boring, and a lot more fun. A vacation doesn’t just have to be relaxing; it can also be an exciting sightseeing adventure. This is particularly the case when you step off of the beach, and look into something a bit more challenging and different. Buena Vista, Colorado has a number of things for people to see. There are plenty of reasons why it’s not only one of the most exciting Colorado vacation spots in the country, but one of the most beautiful and unique vacation spots in the world. One of the best things about Buena Vista is the fact that it flies under the radar. This means that not only are there plenty of Buena Vista attractions that aren’t crowded, but also affordable and accommodations and bed and breakfast lodging to take advantage of. But you shouldn’t take our word for it. Check out Buena Vista for yourself! And when you do, try to plan ahead and decide on what you want to see most. Let’s look into some of the reasons why people visit Buena Vista every year.

1. Hot Springs

The hot springs of Buena Vista have become legendary. Each year, thousands of people visit the hot springs to experience something that they wouldn’t otherwise have. The hot springs are naturally occurring, and produce one of the purest, most natural experiences that many people will ever have in their lives. Some report feeling cleansed after visiting the hot springs, whereas others simply visit them due to their natural beauty. The beauty of the hot springs is unique and cannot be replicated anywhere else. Furthermore, the hot springs can be quite revitalizing, especially when visited during cold weather. This is why plenty of people come to Buena Vista simply to visit these hot springs — they’re natural hot tubs, when you think about it. But those aren’t the only reasons why people visit this exciting city.

2. Uniqueness

Privacy is another main reason why people want to visit Buena Vista. This is especially true for those who treat their vacations as times when they can get away from the hustle and bustle of life. This level of privacy is one of the many things that sets Buena Vista apart and makes it truly unique. However, there are many reasons why Buena Vista is seen as unparalleled and different. For one thing, its beautiful mountain views cannot be replicated — it’s no wonder that “Buena Vista” — the name given to the town when it was founded in 1879 — means beautiful view. Furthermore, Buena Vista has access to a number of other different experiences. This includes the ghost town St. Elmo, well-preserved and only 30 minutes away from Buena Vista. Many people choose to visit these ghost towns for recreation — in fact, there are some ghost towns which people can visit overnight, adding to the overall experience of Buena Vista.

3. Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are among the many reasons why people love Buena Vista. Sometimes, it’s not enough to kick back and relax during your vacation. Sometimes, you want to take advantage of the outdoor activities your vacation spot has to offer, especially when you’re visiting a place as beautiful as Buena Vista. Buena Vista is surrounded by the Arkansas River, offering 100 miles of whitewater rafting opportunities. The Cottonwood Pass also offers 100 miles of snowmobile trails, for those visiting Buena Vista during the winter. Many also like to hike the trails of Buena Vista — as well as the mountains.

The experience Buena Vista has to offer is unlike any other. And the fact is that you won’t have much time to vacation over the course of your life. So when you do — why not try something truly unique?