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The Benefits of Riding Charter Buses

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Historically, people from all over the world have expressed their love of travel. From the first horse-drawn buses in 1820s America, to England’s steam-powered intercity buses in the 1830s, to the popular motorcoach and charter bus rentals of modern day, people continue to enjoy exploring the world.

During 2011-to-2012, there was a 7.5% increase in passenger bus travel. According to an American Bus Association survey, charter bus rental is becoming one of the fastest growing methods of travel.

In many rural areas in the United States, motorcoaches are the only form of available transportation. This is the case with over 14 million rural residents that live where public intercity transportation services do not exist.

On an annual basis, people take approximately 751 million motorcoach trips. During some years, more people travel by motorcoaches than commercial airlines.

There are approximately 33,400 motorcoaches currently operating and available to assist travelers with these and other services:

    Airport shuttles
    Chartered trips
    Commuter services
    Sightseeing tours

One benefit of traveling by motorcoach is that there are more places where they can be accessed. When comparing motorcoach access with other transportation methods, they have five-times more terminals than airports and six-times more terminals than intercity rails.

Another benefit of choosing to travel by motorcoach is that this industry stimulates local economies. For example, when a single motorcoach remains at a destination for just one night, it can contribute up to $11,660 to that economy. This includes meals, lodging, and other types of purchases such as clothing and gifts.

Traveling by motorcoach also makes a positive impact on the environment. Not only do motorcoaches emit the least per-passenger mile of carbon dioxide when compared to other transportation methods, when at full capacity, they have the potential to remove 55 cars from highways, freeways, and other roads. This makes an obvious difference with the reduction of energy consumption, car emissions, and road congestion.

In terms of fuel usage, motorcoaches are also more efficient means of travel. Consider the passenger miles per gallon (MPG) for the following travel methods:

    Motorcoaches: 206.6 MPG
    Commuter rails: 92.4 MPG
    Transit buses: 31.4 MPG
    Domestic airplanes: 44 MPG
    Personal automobiles: 27.2 MPG
    Hybrid cards: 46 MPG

Furthermore, when compared with other transportation methods such as commuter rails and transit buses, motorcoaches produced less CO2. In fact, they are three times more efficient in reducing these emissions.

Comfort is also one of the major benefits of traveling in a charter bus rental. These motorcoaches usually have WiFi, reclining seats, mobile conference rooms, and other amenities. When traveling by motorcoach, passengers can also enjoy the view outside the window and visit comfortably with family and friends.