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Sightseeing in Alaska Is One of the Greatest Opportunities in the Country

When the six Division III gymnasts were recognized on Senior Night, their last regular home meet of the season, the announcer read a summary of their time at the college, as well as what each of the girls said hd been their favorite part of being on the team. Every single one of them mentioned the team’s trip to Alaska during their sophomore year. At least three of the girls mentioned the tours by dogsled that the team took during the week between the two weekend meets. The opportunity to see snow was exciting in itself, but when the coach asked the girls if they would want to take a dogsled tour that was something else!

The tours by dogsled were a highlight of the team trip and the girls enjoyed the opening of the Iditarod dog sledding event. The team was not able to afford any of the helicopter tours that were available, but they did not need to leave the ground to see all of the sights that Alaska had to offer.

Have You Ever Had a Chance to Travel to Alaska?
No matter where you have been able to travel in America, if you have not been able to travel to Alaska you are missing out on an amazing experience. Alaska is the kind of a place where you stop to take pictures, only to find out that the scenery behind the photographer is as breath taking as the backdrop in the photo that is taken. Alaska is the kind of place where you can look at one side of the highway and look at a sound that opens into the ocean and look at the other side of the highway and and see that mountains are just a few miles from ancient glaciers.

In addition to the scenery, however, Alaska is also known for its unusual and abundant wildlife. From the lumbering moose who often make their way into town to the more than 900,000 caribou that roam in 32 herds across Alaska’s vast tundra landscapes, the state is full of animals that you do not see in other parts of the country. It is also estimated that 100,000 black bears live in the state.

If you are a fan of the great outdoors, then you really want to find a way to visit the largest state in the country. There are more than 70 potentially active volcanoes in Alaska, and 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the U.S. are located in Alaska as well. You do not have to be a college gymnast from the south to be overwhelmed by the beauty of Alaska. In fact, everyone who has a chance will find that Alaska is one of the most amazing experiences you can encounter. From tours by dogsled to helicopter tours, there are a number of ways that you can see one of the greatest states in the country.