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Plans for Vacations and Travel Require Careful Attention to a Variety of Details

This has been a vacation to remember. It is not that it will be the last family trip ever, but you know that with your younger daughter heading off to college these trips will be more challenging to plan. The decision to explore options for Tennessee vacations meant that you could spend less time traveling, and more time exploring. From things to do in Pigeon Forge to hiking the mountains to the regular vacation shopping that both of your girls enjoy, this trip has been a success.

Whether you are planning a short weekend get away or a long week away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are many times when investing in a family vacation is the perfect way to mark the beginning or the end of a summer. From Tennessee vacations to staycations in the town where you live, families who find a way to spend quality time together are able to build relationships and create memories that will last a lifetime.

When Was the Last Time Your Family Created Time for a Vacation?

The U.S. outdoor adventure tourism industry is worth $524 billion, according to the 2017 Outdoor Industry of America study. This is a fact that indicates that family time is an increasing priority for many. Whether you are considering Tennessee vacations, Colorado trips to the mountains, or travel to the coast, there are many times when getting away with your family is a worthwhile investment.

In addition to the typical family vacations that families sometimes take, there is an increase in the number of families who find themselves looking at adventure vacations. Nearly 26.6% of travelers define adventure travel as “seeing or doing something new,” according to TrekkSoft. This can include rock climbing, white water rafting, geo caching, or any other kind of regional activity. Tennessee vacations, for instance, that include adventures might also include zip lining through clearings in heavily forested areas and long float trips on waterways.

No matter where your destination, it is important to realize that FAMILY TRIPS continue to be a priority for many families:

  • Future planning is often important, especially as children get older. College age students still like to vacation with their parents, but often need to know about these plans well in advance.
  • Attractions that involve outdoor experiences continue to grow in popularity as more and more families want to spend their time on adventures that they can experience together.
  • Making plans for group tee times on golf courses well in advance allow families to get to spend long afternoons enjoying each others company while in the midst of a friendly competition.
  • In an effort to make the most of their time on the road, there are a growing number of families who make the decision to travel with recreational vehicles. In fact, RV sales saw an 8.9% three-year annual growth rate in the year 2017 alone.
  • Local experiences also offer many great options for families who are looking for a less expensive, and more convenient travel option.
  • Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, and the Grand Titans are popular destinations. Sometimes too popular. Finding a way to travel to less frequently visited options is often more relaxing. For instance, In 2017, more than 11.3 million people visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but this number pales in comparison to some of the biggest and most popular destinations.
  • Traveling as a family can come with many challenges, but it can also provide many lifelong memories. Getting lost on a dirt road or being stuck in traffic in a big city can be annoying at the time, but can become great stories, and hilarious stories, later at family gatherings.
  • Relationships are an important part of being a family. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why so many families are making intergenerational trips a priority. When grandparents get to join in a family vacation, it is an experience that everyone will remember.
  • Instead of spending money on things, more and more families want to invest in experiences.
  • Parents who pay can often get their adult children to join in many adventures.
  • Summer is often the time when families have the most time to travel together. Are you ready to go?