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Planning a Visit to Alaska

The largest and northernmost American state, Alaska beckons as a pristine wildlife refuge for any outdoor enthusiast, and many non-citizen Americans will visit this remote state every year to enjoy its wildlife and rustic setting, and all sorts of outdoor activities from viewing wildlife to fishing, hunting, hiking, and kayaking and more can be done in this enormous, chilly state. Going to Alaska also means having the proper lodgings for one’s visit, and to meet this need, Alaska log cabins are authentic, comfortable, practical ways to have shelter during the night for a visit to this state. These may range from simpler log cabins for economic tourists all the way to a luxury lodge for an all-inclusive resort, and sometimes, locals or visitors may in fact choose Alaska log cabins as a charming place to have wedding ceremonies. What should someone keep in mind when finding Alaska log cabins in which to stay during a trip? And what do people like to do in Alaska?

Why Visit?

Alaska is largely wilderness, which contrasts it with densely populated states like Massachusetts or Connecticut, and thus it is a popular destination for outdoor-oriented tourists. Alaska, therefore, has an expansive system of national parks and other wildlife protection in place. This state has just over 75 parks in it, and this includes various animal refuges, preserves, monuments, and of course national parks, and this is in addition to historical sites and parks, and forest preserves. Around 52% of this state’s acreage is simply wilderness, and this makes for ripe grounds for adventuring, fishing, big game hunting, and more. Often, visitors to this state are fishers. In the year 2016, for example, about 49% of Alaska’s visitors had booked a fishing lodge package for their trip there, and in that same year, 11% of all visitors had gone there for fishing. In fact, between May and September 2016, the Alaska Travel Industry Association recorded around 1,857,000 out of state visitors, which stands as the highest volume of visitors on record. When preparing a trip to this exotic state, how can someone find the best Alaska log cabins or luxury lodges? What tips should beginners follow to have the best possible time?

Renting Alaska Log Cabins

One of the first things a guest should bear in mind is their budget for a log cabin or resort, and similarly, what level of comfort they want. Lodgings in Alaska can range from simple, rustic cabins that have no running water all the way up to luxury resorts that are fancy hotels with a rustic decor, and the latter comes with amenities like room service, WiFi, electric appliances, and more. A rugged outdoors enthusiast will not want such luxury (and it can be expensive) while a wedding guest may be unhappy with a remote cabin that has no amenities. Therefore, the trip’s purpose and the guest’s price range can dictate what lodgings to get. Someone going ice fishing only needs a simple cabin; an elderly couple attending a wedding in the state will definitely prefer a luxury resort. And if a guest has no preference either way, their spending power may dictate whether they visit a larger luxury lodge or a smaller cabin (although running water may still be preferred). Different cabins belonging to different companies may vary in location, amenities, and price.

Another factor to bear in mind is the season. Visiting Alaska during the busiest seasons for hunting or vacations may drive up prices at lodging and can make some places fully booked, so guests visiting during the busiest months are advised to book rooms in luxury log cabins well ahead of time, and hunters, fishers, and hikers are urged to also look for places ahead of time, even if they are only looking for simple log cabins, so that they can find something available whose price, location, and features are all desirable. And before visiting Alaska, or as soon as they arrive, hunters and fishers are advised to have all of their paperwork ready, such as permits and tags for hunting or fishing certain species.