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Opt for Polarized Replacement Lenses

Replacing scratched sunglass lenses

Sunglasses can be pretty expensive. The most expensive sunglasses on eBay carried the hefty price of $250,000. Why? They are Elvis Presley’s personal Madison Square Garden sunglasses. The sunglasses we generally buy aren’t quite so expensive, but they can be pretty pricey. Designer sunglasses can be hard on the wallet, but we still buy them to make fashion statements, to complete an outfit, and to protect our eyes from the sun’s glare and harmful rays.
When your designer sunglasses become broken or scratched throwing them away is basically throwing your money away. You don’t have to do that anymore or have to worry about how to fix scratched sunglass lenses. The lenses are the most important part of a pair of sunglasses, and now you can opt for sunglass lens replacement. Though the thought of saving yourself the money you spent and the money you might spend for a new pair makes replacing sunglass lenses an appealing option, replacement sunglass lenses can be good for the health of your eyes.
Replacing sunglass lenses with the polarized variety is the best way to protect your eyes. Replacement polarized lenses only let light through that will not damage your eyes, protecting you from macular degeneration, skin cancer, and cataracts that UV rays can cause. See this link for more: www.thesunglassfix.com