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How to Transform Your Home

Given recent events, some people have been spending a lot of time at home lately and might be tired of staring at the same four walls. Or maybe you just purchased a new home and are ready to make some changes. Either way, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. But how? And where should you start? The last thing you want to do is start a project and find yourself unable or unwilling to finish it because it was too daunting. You also don’t want to start a project only to realize it wasn’t the right solution to the problem you were trying to solve. It’s best to take a moment and think through your options. Here are some suggestions on how to transform your home.

Rooms for Improvement

Did you know that across the United States, 5.34 million homes were sold in 2019? That’s a lot of people asking themselves the same question: how can I make this space one that fits my needs? Potential owners shopping for new homes for sale know that the home doesn’t have to be perfect — they can make changes to feel, well, more at home.

One of the rooms people spend most of their time in is the kitchen. If you’re wondering how to transform your home starting with this space, there are many options. Just changing out your cabinet doors can completely change the look. You can trade your original doors out for metal or steel replacements for a sleek look. Or you can keep the cabinet doors and consider bringing out the paintbrush. Painting your doors in a lighter color, such as white or yellow, can brighten the room if you’re dealing with a kitchen that has limited window exposure.

Another area of focus in your kitchen could be your countertops. There are many options here, too — the stainless steel option is a popular one for those seeking an industrial side. If you’re considering a rustic style, you can try switching to wood material. One look gaining in popularity is colored tile, both on the countertops and the backsplash area behind your stove. Styles for the tiles vary in size and color combinations. When thinking about how to transform your home, having a stylish kitchen counter and cooking area is a great approach.

The refrigerator is an appliance, but it’s possibly the most visible object in your kitchen. You don’t even necessarily have to purchase a new one — specialized paint, or color panels can help change the look of your fridge. The same is true of your oven or stove. Of course, when it comes to appliances, the level of efficiency is important, so any changes you make should factor that in mind. There are so many options available that you can find models that fit your motif.

The second most popular room in your home is usually the living room. It’s always a good idea to consider updates to this room that can add comfort. If you have a large family and gather together to binge the latest streaming program, updating your couch is a good start. But if you have small children, you have to consider your fabric choices. You don’t want to worry about cleaning crayon or marker stains out of leather, for example. Flooring can also help transform your living room space. Some people prefer hardwood floors or marble for longevity. But carpeting is a good choice if you’d like to preserve those floors underneath. The climate where you live can determine what you choose as well. Warmer climates can cause damage to wood floors that aren’t well protected.

The living room is usually the first thing a guest sees when they visit and choosing the right color for this area can be key to that initial impression. One popular tactic when thinking about how to transform your home is painting one wall — usually the one with no furniture on it — in a different color from the other walls. This is known as an accent wall and is pretty bold. Some homeowners will opt for making the accent wall the same color as the others, but a bit lighter or darker, just to be a bit more conservative.

You can also think about how to change up hall and transition areas — partitions that lead to other areas in your house. Adding the right custom french doors can change the looks of the room. Or there are also sliding doors as an option. Curtains and heavy drapes can also set areas apart and are relatively inexpensive. It all depends on the looks you’re going for.

The bedroom is often a spot targeted for improvement when you’re thinking about how to transform your home. Again, sometimes, the smallest changes can make a difference. For example, even changing out your drab closet doors can make a difference. If you have a ceiling fan, that can be a prominent feature in your room. Try looking for a unique fan that can take center stage — and keep you appropriately cool. One challenge that can arise when it comes to bedroom design is storage space. If you’d like to have more room than, say, dressers, you can consider storage that fits under your bed. Or if there’s room in the master bedroom suite, it might make sense to make a walk-in closet.

Some bathrooms, especially in mid-century modern homes, might not exactly be what you’d consider modern in these days. Many bathrooms from this time featured something that isn’t quite so stylish any more — wallpaper. And most new homeowners want to be rid of it. It’s hard work, but removing that wallpaper and considering a creative paint job can help you answer the question of how to transform your home. Another big question is when or if upgrading your bathrooms make sense, meaning whether there’s a way to make a half bathroom a full one. This will depend on your needs, but people seeking out homes usually prefer having a bathroom that is fully equipped. Of course, the cost is a factor here as well. Adding to a bathroom might involve the services of an electrician, an HVAC specialist and a plumber.

If your home has a basement, consider using it for more than storage. If you have a finished room, building a comfy basement family room is a good idea — this way, everyone can use it. You can also consider using the space as an extra bedroom. This might be a good idea when you are thinking about resale value for your home. When home buyers use an app for investing in real estate, they usually start with the number of bedrooms as a way to narrow down their choices. If you’re finding that you’re staying home more often these days, many people will consider turning this area into a home gym. With more and more people working from home, it’s also possible to turn your spare space into a home office. If you go this route, think about what you can use to create an interesting bookshelf, such as milk crates. Regardless of your choice, there’s so much you can do with a finished basement and it’s guaranteed to add value to your home.

Some people like to get creative with their garages as well. Some will look to this space as a man cave if it’s not needed for storage or for automobiles. If the temperature accommodates, it too can be transformed into living space. On the outside, changing your garage doors can make your home stand out on your street. There are many custom garage door designs and you can even paint them yourself. Most garages have automatic door systems for easy access, no matter how you decide to use the space.

Out and About

If you live in a warm climate, when thinking about how to transform your home, your thoughts might drift outdoors. If you have a pool, it might be time to consider landscaping around that area. If you hire a company that specializes in pool house designs, they can help you pick a look that works for your yard.

Depending on your location, installing a jacuzzi could be a great update. A jacuzzi can add value to your home. They can also help reduce stress and there’s never a bad time for that. Having a jacuzzi can also help improve blood flow.

Another option is fencing in your back yard. Not only does it provide more privacy, but you can decorate the fence itself or the landscaping therein. Speaking of landscaping, plants and trees can help you spruce up the area, but you should do your research first. You don’t want to choose plants that can grow so tall that maintenance becomes a problem. If you’re partial to fruit trees, then a good tree pruning service can help keep them at a size you can handle. Think about the best plants to use as well. Bamboo plants can help you pull off that tropical look, but it’s important to know that they can be invasive, meaning that once they take root, they can spread along your wall — and possibly your neighbors.

Sometimes, in a smaller home, you can try to make your backyard as an extended living space. If you’re having friends over, building an outdoor bar is a great idea. You can adopt any theme you like. You can even build a wine cellar into the bar if that’s more to your taste. If you have little ones, another great idea is building a sandbox. It’s easy and can keep them occupied for hours. Having a play area in the back yard is popular with young occupants of your home.

Kids are also curious about nature, and they can help you build a bird feeder. There are lots of creative designs out there, and often, kids can help make them. Another nature-friendly option is creating a butterfly garden. It involves choosing the right plants that will attract butterflies and can be a wonderful sanctuary for them, while beautifying your back yard. One other family-friendly addition outdoors can be a pond with small fish. These are all great things to consider when planning how to transform your home and outdoor living space.

You might be wondering how to update your home while being environmentally friendly. One idea in that vein is to install solar panels. They’re not just for your roof — you can build solar walls in your yard. Solar panel companies can help you determine if this approach is right for you.

Home Improvements

If you’re thinking about how to transform your home and also increase its value, making key repairs is a good idea. If you’ve purchased a home that’s a bit older, you might want to invest in home roof repair. Roof damage can lead to water damage that can slowly cause problems throughout the home. Currently, slate, metal, and cement are popular materials for updating your roof.

Having a secure door is also important, of course, and when it’s time to update them, the right design can make your entranceway stand out. You can also paint the panels or the doorway in a contrasting color to deepen this effect.

The same holds true for windows. It’s recommended that you swap out windows every 15-20 years. When you do, of course, the most important aspect is efficiency, but you can invest in some window shades or curtains that can improve on that curb appeal.


There are many approaches you can take when it comes to how to transform your home. You can start with the rooms in which you spend the most time, or think about landscaping and redesigning your outdoor space. You can even consider ways that repairs can change your relationship with your home. When you’re choosing the areas for home transformation, just start with changing your favorite room. If you take it one step at a time, you can ensure that your home is truly your castle.