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Hotel Netanya Israel

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Because there are so many major historical and religious sights in Israel, tourism is a major source of income. Israel even enjoys a lot of one day only tourists. I fact, in March 2012, the one day tourist entries rose to 41,000 people. That as a huge jump from the year before, which saw 23,000 one day tourist entries. The most visited city in Israel is Jerusalem. They have an average of 3.5 million visitors every year. Netanya is also another city in Israel that gets a lot of tourists coming through. If you want to go and tour Israel, staying in a Netanya hotel Israel is a great option.

The city of Netanya was settled in 1928 and so named in honor of Nathan Strauss, who was an American philanthropist and the co owner of Macy’s. You will learn all about the history of Netanya when you go and stay in a hotel Netanya Israel. Some of the hotels in Israel are quite reasonable on their rates and you will find a hotel in Netanya Israel that can accommodate any budget.

In 1948, Netanya was able to receive city status along with the establishment of the state of Israel. There were 9,000 residents living there then. The city continued to flourish and grow throughout the years. The great thing about going to stay in a hotel netanya Israel is the fact that you can see the Mediterranean from most hotel rooms and it depending on which hotel Netanya Israel that you stay in, it will be just a short walk to the beach. People love this coastal city and a hotel Netanya Israel will be very relaxing. People can get the best treatment and services when they stay in a hotel netanya israel.

A hotel Netanya Israel will usually offer free WiFi and plasma screen TVs in the rooms and you will find exceptional restaurants and coffee houses withing walking distance. The larger hotels offer fine dining on the premises as well. You’ll find all the amenities and friendly services from the staff that you would expect in a hotel Netanya Israel. If you crave the gorgeous views and close proximity of the beautiful blue Mediterranean, stay in a hotel netanya Israel. The best way to find a Netanya hotel Israel is to use the internet. These days you can find all kinds of websites that will allow you to book a room in a hotel Netanya Israel.