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Get the Most from Your Family Ski Vacation with These 4 Tips

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Many families enjoy taking vacations. At least 37% of families say they enjoy taking vacations together. This has become a very popular thing for families to do together. It is the thing that makes many families the most happy. Ski vacations are very popular for families and other travelers. A little under 57 million people went on ski vacations in the 2012-2013 season. They took advantage of the 477 ski resorts located around the United States. In 2015, more than 13.5 million people went skiing at least once and almost 7.7 million people went snowboarding. If you are looking into taking your family on this kind of vacation, you will not be alone on the slopes or at your choice for lodging.

There are ways you can make the most from your family ski vacation. Here are some tips to help you get the most of your time away with your family:

  1. Get your kids some ski lessons. Group lessons for skiing are well run machines. They are fun, safe and really good ways to help your kids get to know how to ski and be safe on the ski slopes. When you put your kids in the group lessons for children, they will be put in a group with kids who are around the same age as them and are at a similar level in terms of skill. This will help make the experience a lot of fun and will help them learn the basics of skiing. As your kids advance, they will get to lean more advanced skiing techniques. You will get some quality time on the slopes and they will have a great time, too. This is a win-win.
  2. You do not have to do everything together. You will be together when you are at your lodging spot, of course, but you can schedule activities where you are not all doing everything together. When you go to a ski area, that may not be the only activity you can engage in. There may be trails to hike, a museum to check out, tours to take and just a lot to take in. Not everybody may want to do the same things. Maybe one person hit the slopes too hard one day and the next they just want to hang out in the private hot tub. Let people in your group do what they want, everyone will have more fun and you will enjoy each other’s company more when you have spent some time apart doing what they want.
  3. Only schedule half of you time away. Some structure is good, too much will destroy your vacation. You may have to make some reservations. If you are taking your vacation at the peak of the ski season, you will need to book things very early (you probably had to look at several vacation rental properties for these peak times) but you should leave some time open to be spontaneous. Your lodging and meal reservations need to be made in advance but there will always be things you can just go do. Sometimes a nap on a vacation is delightful and you never need to make reservations for that!
  4. Make one day a rest day. If your vacation is at least six days, your family will need a rest day. If you rent a cabin, spend one day enjoying that. Often people think they have to be skiing every minute to make the most of their ski vacation. They end up exhausted, sick or injured and just miserable. This is a vacation. You do not want to be miserable. Most ski towns do have other things for people to do so take a day and check out something other than the ski slopes. You will have a better time if you take this day.

You have a lot of options on ski vacations. There are many lodging options and options for fun activities for you and your family to participate in. Many ski towns offer a lot more than just skiing. Colorado, for instance, has some great ghost towns you can check out. There may be a cool museum in town you can check out on your rest day.