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A Proper Vacation Should Have Everything And Then Some The Staying Power Of The Beach House

A good vacation should have a little bit of everything. Think of it like a delicious meal.

You don’t just want a good drink, nor are you interested in only appreciating the bowl of salad. Walking away with a positive memory means having the good outweigh the bad by a significant margin, which is exactly what a beach house rental does for those in need of the best possible break. Offering you a convenient location right outside of the coast, and with amenities to spare, the beach house rental is becoming the go-to choice for families today. Everyone can have that little bit of everything in one lovely, convenient package…

…all you have to do is select the right place and get searching. Let’s see what Florida has to offer your next break from the world.

The Travel Industry Is Growing Fast…Can You Keep Up?

Are there any new trends you should know about when looking at the travel industry? Yes and no. Technavio’s analysts have recently forecast the global vacation rental market to grow at an impressive CAGR of 7% between 2017 and 2021, good news for anyone eager to see what the international market has to offer. When it comes to where people like to travel, though, there are some favorites that just don’t quit. Hot sands and endless access to the ocean remains a favorite among several demographics and age groups.

It’s Not Just Baby Boomers Buying The Condo Rental

Think you’re a little too young for the beach house rental? Not so! Millennials remain one of the biggest demographics to contribute to the international travel market, expected to spend over $1 trillion on travel expenses each year by the time 2020 arrives. This includes spending on beach house rentals, air fare, local travel, food, and souvenirs. A good vacation is upgraded to a great vacation by the mere presence of a place you can truly relax. Instead of making do with any random hotel, choosing a beach vacation home just for you and yours can do wonders for your psyche.

A Sunny Beach And Time Off Is Good For The Soul

In fact…let’s talk a little more about what vacation should be doing for your physical and mental health. Working Americans today are some of the most stressed folk out there, often skipping out on their vacation time and burning out at astronomically high rates. Taking consistent time off (such as twice per year) is needed to keep said burnout at bay. Good tips to remember when booking your beach house rental is to put away your phone and refuse to check your e-mail while relaxing. Yes, even if it’s very important!

People Much Prefer To Travel With Family Or Friends

What’s another reason people want to take extended time off? It’s a much-needed way to reconnect with friends and family after non-stop work. A study on travel trends established this simple fact all over again, finding those who travel with a mixed group of friends and family tend to remember good times in their vacation 20% more than those without groups. Another factor that appeals to travelers lately is the ability to cook their own meals, too, with 70% of respondents to a survey finding that a favorite feature of the condo rental.

The Beach House Rental Is A Great Vacation Outing

Let’s face it…you need a vacation. You’ve been working too hard for far too long, affecting your ability to sleep and leaving you lonelier than ever. The beach house rental is just what the doctor ordered, giving you the ability to sunbathe, swim, and lounge to your heart’s content. You don’t have to drive hours just to find a slice of beach in a crowd nor do you have to split yourself between going back to the hotel and finding a restaurant. A little bit of everything is just what you and your family needs to feel like your old selves again.

What are you waiting for? Clearwater Florida vacation rentals are going fast!