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Three Reasons to Read City Guides

City guides

Are you looking for the best city guides. You may find that city guides are geared for different purposes. Some city guides are meant for tourists. Others are meant for business travelers. Still others are meant for new comers to a given city. Whatever the case may be, the best city guides are the ones that suit your purposes.

The most prolific kinds of city guides are those for tourists. Tourism is a major draw in many different cities, prompting the need to write as many city guides as possible. There are many cites, like London and Paris, that are tourist capitals. The two cities tie for attracting the most tourists. They have a plethora of guides. Smaller cities around the world have their own guides, though. For instance, Amritsar in India may not be as well visited as some European cities, but is a city of obligation for those of the Sikh faith. Even cities like Denver or Phoenix may attract enough tourists to have their own city guides.

Another class of city guides caters to business tourists. These guides tend to focus on a few cities with large business travel populations, such as London, Hong Kong, Washington and Sao Paolo. Often, these guides cover where to stay and eat, as well as local etiquette and other subtleties a business traveler should know.

Finally, a growing class of guides are meant for transplants. These guides focus on cities that attract transplants, such as Washington and Atlanta, and gives readers practical information. The guide may highlight parks, neighborhoods and public services, as well as transit systems and the like.

Whether you read print or online city guides, you will learn a lot about a city by reading one. Whether you are a tourist, business traveler or new comer, there are many reasons to read these guides. To see what I mean, crack one open.