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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to rent an RV, load it up with family and food and travel across our beautiful nation. Granted, I do realize that traveling in an RV does have its challenges. One must always be on the lookout for parks and campgrounds that offer RV hookups. Normally, when I travel, very rarely do I ever see a billboard for lodging and actually pull off of the main road and stay there. However, if I was traveling through the great state of louisiana and saw a sign that read rv park lousiana, I most certainly would get off of the main road and stay there.
There are more than 200 rv parks in lousiana in the five major tourist areas of Cajun Country, Greater New Orleans, Sportmans Paradise, Plantation Country, and Crossroads. Many of these louisiana rv parks offer full water, sewage, and electric hookups. Unfortunately, there is no access to a bathroom or a shower in the rv park louisiana. On a positive note; however, the rv park louisiana offers shady spots, swimming pools, free wifi and even, cable tv hookups. With free wifi and cable tv hookups, the rv park louisiana feels like a home away from home.
Furthermore, campgrounds in louisiana are an alternative to rv parks in louisiana because, not only do they offer full water and electric rv hookups. But, the louisiana campgrounds are located on former plantations and sugar mills. Therefore, they provide scenic views, and the ammenities for fishing and swimming.
Louisiana is full of lodging options for people traveling in rvs. One will never be too far away from an rv hookup. You will know you are close when you see one of many signs that read rv park louisiana.